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In 1989 our company developed the Re-Li-On formula which is now used worldwide for virtually any metal cutting operation. The Re-Li-On formula complies with OSHA and USDA Standards. It has no VOC or tricloroethane content and is non-hazardous.

The Re-Li-On formula is effective on all exotic alloys such as titanium and high grade stainless steel. It is used for all types of production and MRO applications which include aircraft and aerospace. The Re-Li-On formula is ideal for circulating applications.

Re-Li-On is not just for machining and tapping but is extremely effective for grinding, sawing, milling and as a drawing compound.

For more information about Re-Li-On or the name of a distributor near you contact us at 239-593-6866 or email at

Remi Corporation
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REMI Corporation  •  5795 Washington Street  •  Naples, Florida 34109  •  (239) 593-6866